Why all men should consider taking a spa day

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For years, many taboos have developed around men going to spas and getting the same treatment women do daily comes as massages and relaxing retreats. There seems to be controversy around whether men should be as encouraged as women to receive them. For women, a day off from all the day-to-day responsibilities is encouraged, while men who do the same thing are tagged as “irresponsible,” demeaned, or said to have a lack of masculinity. But to break the stigma around all that, we have prepared a list of solid reasons why men can make use of spas just as much as women and how treating themselves to a massage or other treatment can drastically affect the male population’s mood, stress levels, physique, and overall mental and physical well-being.


Fortunately, spa treatments for men are relatively on the rise not just here in Toronto- but also around the world. Nowadays, there are even spas, like this one, specifically centred around treatment packages and massages for men. Men deserve to be pampered, and most enjoy it more than they like to admit. Some men also avoid the spa because of what they think is a great amount of money spent on a massage. You can’t really blame them, as spades and massages have always been showcased as a luxury in movies when it comes to men. It’s always the rich, famous athlete or star that enjoys a massage after a long hard day in films, which is why many men-with normal lifestyles- believe such services are out of their league. This is, however, not true, as there is a range of services and massages to fit every need and budget. No man is left behind when it comes to massages! Besides, even if it’s a little more costly, it’s definitely worth all the advantages you get from just one session.But, for those still doubting the miraculous effects of a good spa service, here are all the reasons you should book your appointment today!


First and foremost, the spa has always been the perfect place to relax. So, if anything, that should be reason enough to visit every once in a while. Men face lots of stress throughout the week and are often too preoccupied to think about their mental health and body’s well-being.  For those with stressful jobs, massages help loosen knots and relax muscles. This ultimately results in reduced muscular tension and pain, better sleep (which makes them feel more well-rested and energetic throughout the day), and promotes all body organs’ health.


Men overworked and suffering from extreme fatigue tend to feel tired even if they have had a good night’s sleep. But a simple visit to the spa can fix all of that. Restlessness causes lower flexibility, increases the chance of injury, and results in poor posture due to slouching. Deep tissue or Thai massage can end all the side effects of overworked muscles. Not only do you feel refreshed and relaxed, but you also maintain your physical health.


For those men that spend hours at the gym lifting heavy weights, a good massage is the best way to prevent strained muscles or damaged tissue. A massage can not only prevent the pain and pulled muscles of a heavy workout session, but in most cases, it can heal them too. Try a massage after a gym day to truly grasp its miracle.

Why all men should consider taking a spa day

A massage seems like an understated thing, and it’s treated as more of an occasional “chill” activity rather than a necessity. However, if you knew what a hot stone or Swedish massage could do for every part of your body, you would immediately change your mind.

Massages increase blood circulation in the body. This keeps blood flowing evenly and smoothly through all organs, preventing heart attacks, improving overall heart health, making your body more fresh and quick, and giving it a nice, smooth complexion.


Another important advantage that comes with massages for men is their ability to instantly lift a mood. Massages trigger the release of dopamine in the body and are the perfect way to cool down after a stressful day and refresh your mind and soul.


Here is a surprising fact: Massages directly correlate with a successful career. Yes, you read that right. With all the positive effects of a massage, it’s impossible not to do better at daily tasks and take on even the largest workload with positivity and optimism. This is why your career path looks brighter-because it improves as your mood does.


One of the more profound benefits of massages is depression-and this is gender neutral. Depression can take a toll on the mind and body, and its effects are long-lasting. It’s not that something as simple as a massage can magically treat depression, but it sure can help. Massages are just one of the ways you can calm your depression at bay, and certainly one of the best.


There are plenty of reasons to avoid the spa if you try to find them. Work, family, kids, costs, time, and so many other things can be blamed for missing out on this luxury. But, statistics have proven that men who go for regular massages have better personal and professional careers, healthier minds and bodies, and lead a generally better lifestyle. Don’t believe the movies that tell you spas and massages are out of your league. More than ever, men should be comfortable caring for their physical and mental well-being. Self-care is necessary for every human, regardless of gender, and we provided all the reasoning behind this. So don’t wait any longer, and book your first session with a spa for men!


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