Tips for the perfect spa and massage appointment:

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Spa for men offers some great massages, and each has its own magical benefits. However, there are certain steps you can take to ensure a better, more relaxing experience. These measures begin before your appointment and continue after your service is done.

Your distressing, calming experience is completely the responsibility of the professionals you choose to get appointments with, so don’t worry about putting in any work to get all your money’s worth. There are, however, things we suggest you keep in mind to optimize the benefits of a perfect spa session for yourself. These are words of advice that have proven to improve your experience. Here are some dos and don’ts to consider if you are considering having a spa appointment.

What to do while preparing for a massage:

1. Shower

It is understood that everyone may show up to a session after a long day or a gym workout, but personal hygiene is a different story. Showering the morning or the day before your appointment to be clean before your massage is highly appreciated. Plus, a warm shower, if you can have one, augments the relaxation and muscle release aspect of your massage. Not the day’s sweat matters, as that is normal for everyone. The point is to get rid of old sweat and be as fresh and clean as possible. You are following “spa etiquette,” and you will also have a better session.

2. Avoid overeating

Many people eat very well before a session because they think an empty stomach will not let them fully let go and relax. As true as that is, a full, overfed stomach is not ideal either. This is not to say that you shouldn’t eat at all! However, a large meal or a great amount of oily, high-calorie fast food will hold you back from the full experience. This can be scientifically explained as well. When your body has a lot of food intake, it must work to digest it. Much like trying to slow down a machine at its peak performance, it’s difficult to “relax” the body while most of its organs work tirelessly on your digestion. Moreover, laying down with a full stomach is neither good for your body’s health nor comfortable enough. Light, relatively healthier meals are the way to go. This is an important measure you can take to ensure a great appointment for yourself.

3. Avoid a high water intake:

On any given day, lots of water is never discouraged. All professionals suggest you get as much of it as possible. However, when you’re trying to relax but are failing at the expense of a full bladder, you might consider going against that advice. Lots of water before a massage can take away from your experience, as you will need to use the bathroom mid-session, and the calming, relaxed atmosphere might be interrupted. Even if the bladder is emptied before the session, a large water intake may lead to several trips to the toilet. A normal, necessary amount of water is suggested before a massage.

4.  Do not sunbathe or tan

It’s not the changing colour of the skin that’s the issue here because that won’t interfere with your massage. Though, when people tan, their skin tends to become more irritable. This goes for sunbathing or solar tans. Irritable skin, and sunburnt ones, will not let your therapist apply the pressure needed to relax your muscles. This is why you might leave the spa barely feeling any changes. As skin becomes more sensitive to touch, it’s harder to press on it, or worse, use hot stones or oils. Sunbathing and tanning are not good ideas for a pre-massage ritual. If you feel your skin might be irritable from this activity, consider pushing your appointment back to another time and caring for your skin.

Tips for the perfect spa and massage appointment:

5. Don’t get massages if you’re too sick:

A lot of why this is suggested is obvious. You won’t be able to enjoy a relaxing massage if you constantly cough, sneeze, or have a runny nose. Other illnesses and symptoms like nausea or fever are also reasons you should probably avoid a massage session or consult your therapist. Massages also increase circulation in the body, which might not be such a good idea if the virus is spreading.Therefore, you’re better off leaving it for another time.

6. Mention any allergies, health problems, or injuries.

Since massage oils and aromas are used, make sure to mention any allergies to avoid complications. Furthermore, let your therapist know about any health problems or physical injuries you have so they can act accordingly. Avoiding this conversation can be quite risky, so it’s an important tip to keep in mind.

7. Don’t be conscious of your physique:

Insecurity knows no gender, and whether you’re a man or woman, you might not feel fully comfortable getting undressed in front of someone. After all, we, as humans, can all get body conscious. However, do understand that therapists are trained to deal with every body type, size, and shape, and nothing changes their work quality. Your massage session is a safe space to get rid of negative thoughts and enjoy a positive headspace, so keep the body image issues out and relax.

8. Voice your needs

Massages are-to an extended- based on a framework. However, the great thing about them is that they can be catered to your needs. Don’t be afraid to ask your therapist to focus on certain body parts, avoid others, or increase or decrease the pressure applied. Remember, this is your experience, so make sure you get the best out of it.

Massages are amazing, but why not maximize the experience with simple steps? Next time, try following this advice and see your session unveiling its full potential! You can try them out now as you reserve your appointment with us.


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