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What makes your muscles ache may probably not be something you can eradicate instantly. However, you can do something about the physical pain which the everyday stress has continually caused you by visiting Royal Relaxation and experiencing a wonderful full body hot stone massage therapy to warm up those aches and pain for an instant pleasant relief. 

At Royal Relaxation, there are many massage package options to choose from to suit your needs when in need of relaxing massage. Nevertheless, the Hot Stone Massage Therapy is an amazing fit for men’s relaxation, easing, soothing and restoring those tight muscles. 

If you are in ready to let go of all your pain and stress, Royal Relaxation boutique spa for men is the right place to visit. A must try hot stone massage therapy is unique in many ways, especially when you have the most talented and magical hands of a massage artist who has the right approach to this wonderful and most relaxing treatment.

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How Is Hot Stone Massage Therapy Done? 

Smooth and flat stones that have been made with Basalt are heated to about 130 – 145 degrees. At royal relaxation everything is unique and done differently and that what makes this place special. Normally the stones are placed on the affected parts of the body. However, your massage artist here at spa for men gently and slowly introduces you the heat of hot stones rather than placing them directly. Once your muscles are nicely warmed up the massage artist works with her hands to deeply penetrate and cure those ache muscles massaging them.

Lily Kay of Royal Relaxation, is the most talented and skilled massage artist. She uses the right amount of pressure along with special massage techniques, which range soft flowing sensual movements to a more medium/firm deep tissue mixed with relaxing Swedish massage techniques as well as adding circular movements and long gentle strokes.

If you are wondering how, you will benefit these new massage techniques, here are things you should expect: 

  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Everything making you anxious may not go away at once, but a hot stone massage therapy preformed properly by Lily Kay is guaranteed to relieve you of stress, anxiety and give you that good night sleep. Simply unbelievable!!! relaxing that body mind and spirit, expect to breath better and let loose more than ever after a hot stone massage session

  • Relieves Muscle Tension and Pain

The chance that you have come to Royal Relaxation because you feel pain in your muscles and tension is high. Do you want to guess what is higher? The chance that you go home after your hot stone massage treatment with little or no tension in your muscle. Imagine being a regular over a period; you surely will not have to worry about tension or pain anymore. 

  • Encourages better circulation

We hope you still remember that hot stone massage therapy is only possible with heated stones. So, when the heated stones are placed strategically in affected places, the heat penetrates to open your blood vessels. 

What does this mean for you? Well, for a start, it means no more muscle tension. And ultimately, this is a great way to get your blood circulating better.

  • Improves Sleep

One of the things people who suffer muscle tension experience is a lack of adequate sleep. It is easy to see how discomfort from muscle deprives you of sleep. However, with hot stone massage therapy, you can say a permanent goodbye to sleep depravity. 

All these results are exceptional and experiencing them guarantees a better standard of living. We are sure that is a goal for everyone, including you. 

So, I strongly recommend contacting Royal Relaxation to book a hot stone relaxing massage treatment.


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