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For many people worldwide, regular foot soaking is far more than just a way to care for their feet. It’s a way of unwinding and taking a break from daily life stressors. For many years foot soak was used as an alternative medicine. 

So, if you are living with foot pain or simply love to pamper your feet, you’re not alone. With the most skilled massage artist in Toronto ready to give her best, all your pains are about to be forgotten. 

At Royal Relaxation boutique spa for men, we have made foot massage in Toronto more accessible than ever. Easy access to a healthy foot spa means that you can stop by anytime you are feeling pain in your feet.  

With the focus at Royal Relaxation on helping to improve the body, soul, and mind, the massage artist puts her expertise into ensuring that patients get to enjoy the best foot soak session.

What is Foot Soak, Scrub massage treatment ?

Foot soak involves dipping one’s feet in warm water. Foot soaking is a great way to get rid of soreness in the feet. Remember at spa for men the massage artist is unique and different in how she performs her treatments. She has modified Foot soak treatment to a more modern way of how it’s done. Your Foot soak treatment will be done as you’re laying down and relaxing rather than sitting in a chair. You may ask how? Massage artist Lilly will place a warm towel on your feet that has been soaked in a natural sea rock salt that softens skin and gets your feet ready for a spa treatment. No messy water as you lay comfortably on a cushiony massage table and unwind. Once your feet have taken in all the goodness of a sea rock soak, how you’re ready for a gentle scrub for that baby soft skin. Your feet will feel like a baby’s bum. Know your feet are ready for an unbelievable relaxing foot massage. Perfect for gentlemen who have worked all week, stand on their feet a lot or simply want to pamper themselves, this is the right place to relieve yourself of stress and foot soreness. 

Visit us at Royal Relaxation and let Lilly take your stress and worries far away through a magical foot soak, scrub massage. Here are a few reasons why you would love this foot soak, scrub massage treatment:

  • Reduces and prevents athletes’ foot
  • Alleviates pain and muscle cramps
  • Relieves pain from sprains and bruises
  • Acts as a nerve booster and improves muscle function.

Ever experienced a mixture of art and style for health benefits?

The one and only massage artist makes it happen at Royal Relaxation spa for men.

Whatever the case, she aims to ensure that you leave without pain and can genuinely feel relaxed in your body, spirit, and mind. 

Healthy Foot Spa  

A good way to ease the weekend…

Welcome to a special place of relaxation for men, proudly made just for you and your feet. 

Our healthy foot spa services involve different foot massage techniques which includes Shiatsu, Swedish massage, aromatherapy massage, deep tissue massage and reflexology. It is an awesome and interesting way to stimulate the foot’s muscles, joints, and skin for a deep relaxation.

It is an ancient technique practiced, relieving muscular stress and tension. Foot spa is commonly called foot massage or foot reflexology. 

At Royal Relaxation, the massage artist does her best. She brings a totally different and unique service compared to the conventional, average massage therapists. 

Schedule a free consultation to learn more

What Does A Healthy Foot Spa Look Like at Royal Relaxation? 

Our healthy foot spa treats all clients like family and ensures they always leave the spa happy, relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed. In addition, an experienced, talented, charismatic and empathetic massage artist is available to ensure that the process is memorable. 

If you ever show interest, here is a brief explanation of how it will go:

  • The massage artist at royal relaxation will require you to lay down, belly down on a bed. 
  • The massage artist starts by cleansing your feet with soap and warm water. 
  • She then massages your feet using her fingers. This removes waste products and toxins that accumulate in your feet when you walk. 
  • She continues by working on each toe individually using varying pressures before scrubbing the soles of your feet down with a pumice stone. 
  • You can use a washcloth to wipe away any dead skin cells not removed during the massage. 
  • She will finish by applying natural organic products like foot cream- healing lotion keeping your feet nourished and moisturized.

At Royal Relaxation, we have learned about the different types of foot massage and are ready to do anything to ease your stress each time you walk in.

Here are some types of foot massage you will likely encounter if you patronize us: 

  • Swedish Foot Massage

The Swedish massage is a perfect choice for customers willing to release general tension and relax. This type of foot massage ranks high on the most common foot massage lists and has been here for a while. The Swedish foot massage involves deeper circular movements, long strokes, kneading, tapping, and vibration. 

  • Reflexology Foot Massage

The reflexology foot massage reflects its name. Lilly Kay is well-skilled in using reflex actions to loosen tight muscles around the feet like your calf and the upper leg region, among others. 

  • Deep Tissue Foot Massage

Sometimes, a client needs more than surface-level care. If you are feeling sore in your foot muscles, this is definitely the best choice for you. These kinds of strokes are usually slower and require more energy.

  • Sensual Massage Technique

Athletes, like the average man, also need to relax and unwind. They need to also work on their flexibility because it is one of the skills that wi ll guarantee success in almost all sports. At royal relaxation, the massage artist is well-trained to engage the athletes before and after a major sports tournament or event. 

  • Thai Foot Massage Toronto

The Thai foot massage is one of the most effective foot massages. The massage aims to make you feel whole, relieves stress, clears your mind, improves sleep, enhances healing, reduces tightness and stiffness, promotes flexibility, and so on. One thing is for sure, if you allow Lilly to carry out a Thai foot massage on you, there is a guarantee that you will experience a rejuvenation of your body, spirit and mind. 

So what are you waiting for?

What makes Thai massage even more worthy is that the result is long-lasting. So, receiving the Thai foot massage means that you get to experience more flexibility, less tightness around the muscle, and adequate sleep for the long haul. 

Foot Treatment

..make foot care part of your daily routine

This is one of the best offerings you can ever get in Toronto. Foot treatment at Royal Relaxation offers a lot of benefits that will please you. The process rounds up with Lilly Kay providing all the comfort and relaxation you came for. 

The best part of having full foot treatment at the Royal Relaxation Spa is that we offer the right products that would work for you regardless of your skin types.

Foot treatments are a great way to pamper yourself and complete skin detoxification in the foot area. Of course, there are different types of foot treatments, each designed to cater to specific needs and preferences. All these foot treatments are intended to make you feel more rejuvenated, soft, and smoother than you could have ever imagined. 

Let’s find out the different types: 

Foot Scrub

Our skin is vulnerable and sensitive so we must treat it with absolute care. However, the most neglected part of the skin is in the foot. With dirt, grime, and dead skin clogging our pores and causing a visible blemish on the foot skin, it is only normal that we seek to have that area revitalized and magically remade. 

Thanks to foot scrub, good skin revitalization in the foot area is possible. At Royal Relaxation center, you will get foot scrub services from an experienced massage artist.  

What Is a Foot Scrub?

Foot Scrub is a type of foot treatment that involves the massage artist using exfoliants to remove dead skins from the outer layer of your skin. And it is usually more effective with ingredients like salt, pumice scrub and sugar. 

At Royal Relaxation, the massage artist has learned the best ways to combine these solutions to help you achieve healthy, clean, and sparkling skin in your feet area. 

Foot scrub is designed to remove the skin of the superficial layer, which accumulates dead cells. With regular skin exfoliation procedures, you can release tension and feel good in your body, spirit and mind.    

Why Use Foot Scrub at Royal Relaxation?

A thorough foot scrub leaves your skin in your foot area refreshed and smoother than ever. And if you want to get the first-hand effect of a foot scrub, try out royal relaxation in Toronto.

Here are the benefits of foot scrub that you should expect to get when you use Royal Relaxation:

  • It Prevents Cracked Heels

Cracked heels sometimes appear without announcing. No need to worry because Lilly Kay has got you covered. Not only does it make the feet look out of form, it also takes away the confidence to show off your feet in public. Lilly knows the best technique possible that will restore your foot to a smoother form. 

  • Your foot absorbs moisture better

Visit Royal Relaxation and have a session with Lilly Kay, you can be assured of having the best foot scrub. The type of skin that absorbs moisturizer and other body products you apply.  

Get rid of dust pollutants and other grime on the skin easily with Lilly Kay’s incredible foot scrub services. Always smooth and totally affordable. All this is done so you won’t have dead skin cells lurking around on the skin. Do you want a soft skin and improve the look of your feet? Try this out!

Our spa provides full-foot treatment services, whether the goal is to use a foot scrub or for soak. 

Learn About Our Massage Artist  

A good massage artist should possess certain qualities aside from the skill itself. Learn more about our massage artist at Royal Relaxation below.

  • She is Caring 

The massage artist at royal relaxation is empathetic, kind and sensitive to the needs of the client. She is willing to listen to feedback at every stage – before, during and after – the session. 

  • She is Intuitive

The massage artist at royal relaxation is always calm and relaxed. She does not need all the time in the world to detect the type of healing or issues peculiar to each client. Of course, this further helps her to be able to focus on the right therapy for her client. 

  • She is Personable

She is not robotic. What makes massage even more worthy most times is not the result but the subtle healing and tenderness that client gets from the process of massage. At Royal Relaxation, the artist is known for her endearing personality towards clients. So, you can be sure to meet someone with a pleasing appearance, a good manner, and an impressive persona when you visit Royal Relaxation. 

  • She breaks down her sessions

Massages are supposed to be an effective means of relieving the body of stress and generally helping you renew your mind, body and soul. It also fosters healing of the mind if handled by a trained artist. All these won’t be achieved if not done right. With Lilly Kay, the story is different. She ensures that the process is not jumbled up. She breaks down each treatment into stages and performs each treatment separately. This method, however, more expensive, is the most efficient method to use if you want to get results from any massage session, or in this case, foot soak.  

Learn more about Lily Kay

Choose The Best

After a rigorous day at the office, most people just want to sit back, relax and get rid of all that tension built up. With many options to pick from at Royal Relaxation,  your dream to unwind can become a reality in an instant. 

Lilly Kay, one of the best massage artists in Toronto, is always here to provide the best foot massage services and healthy foot spa treatments. The facilities and services speak for themselves. From the warm and inviting decor to personalized customer service, there is a guarantee you leave with a more relaxed mind, spirit, and body. 

Want to try out our services?


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