Welcome and thank you for visiting my Healing Haven & Massage Wellness Studio. I’m a European born Masseuse with over 6 years of experience in my late 30’s. Found my passion though massage and energy healing. I have been told by my clients that I have the most healing, soothing touch. I love what I do and most importantly sharing my gift and transforming my clients to a tranquil, peaceful place through Energy – Touch -Massage. 

‘Give me your body for a couple of hours , and I’ll give you back your mind ‘

My services are completely unique and memorable!

I love what I do, but most importantly how incredibly renewed & revived I make my clients feel afterwards. My clients complete satisfaction is important to me, knowing that I have provided you with a proper, clean, relaxing massage service and environment.

Throughout my journey, experience and education in Body treatments, I have found that men have a harder time relaxing and switching off. Unlike your average RMT or Erotic rub, I have discovered that providing a relaxing massage for men provides enhanced emotional and physical health benefits, pure relaxation and enjoyment. Hosting you in my private, discreet Home Spa for men where art and science meet to create an unforgeable massage experience with full body relaxation.
My full body massage treatments are more detailed and focus on every muscle of on your body. Customized packages are suitable for every man’s needs to achieve full body relaxation and tranquility.

I’m grateful to all my clients who made me better at what I do.

Clearing your mind from daily stress and bringing you to a peaceful worry-free state is my passion and I will strive and accomplish this through my relaxing full body massage treatments. I invite you to experience my talented and magical hands from the moment you feel my touch instant relaxation awaits you. Realizing my hands have a special healing energy I refined my talent and have become certified in the art of full body relaxation treatments.

You're Invited!

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